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1. What makes you excited about DM?

I'm excited about going to the DM every week because of the people. There's a great cast of regulars, but I also get to meet friendly and interesting newcomers every week who keep our community fresh. It's been amazing to see the DM grow from a minyan of around 15 people to a full-fledged community, and every week I feel like we build that community just a little more.


2. What's your dream kiddush menu ?

This is easy! My wife, Rose, makes amazing meatballs, orzo, and apple kugel.

3. What would you add to The Downtown Minyan’s already very extensive slogan 

"Mindfully Practicing"


4. Why do you dedicate your time to growing the minyan?

I dedicate my time to the minyan because it's unlike any other modern orthodox community I've been a part of. I grew up in an orthodox community, so I feel very at home with the style of davening; but I love that as we go through the davening, RK Mijal, Gabe, Rabbi Sarna, and various other community members explain what's going on in the davening so that we can engage in Halachik practice on a meaningful level for everyone, regardless of their upbringing. That is the result of a lot of thought and hard work, so I feel like it's worth pitching in when I can find the time. I am so grateful that I come away from the minyan every week with a renewed passion for Jewish community and renewed commitment to wrestling with the Jewish tradition.


5. What's a fun fact our community members don't know about you?

In my last semester of college, I got a C- in a course called "Dinosaurs and the History of Life." I'll just leave it at that!


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