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We're so glad you are considering becoming a Member of the Downtown Minyan. In doing so, you will become a partner in our growing community, showing support for the minyan's work and values and helping to cover operating costs. No one will ever be denied Membership due to lack of funds: If none of the pricing options work for you, please select "Other" and pledge an amount of your choice. 

Everyone is welcome to lunch and other free programming, regardless of Membership status.

Membership options

It costs around $120 per participant per month to run just lunch each week, and around $180 per participant per month to run all of our programming.

  • Contributor: $60 per month

  • Supporter (At-Cost for Lunch): $120 per Month 

  • Partner (At-Cost for All Programming): $180 per Month 

  • Builder: $360 per Month 

  • Pillar: $500 per Month 

  • Student Budget/Alternative Pricing: $40 per Month 

  • Other

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