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Join us

Join us

We're so glad you'd like to become a member of the Downtown Minyan. In doing so, you become a partner in our growing community and show support for the Downtown Minyan's work and values.

A group of young people participates in a Downtown Minyan purim event

Becoming a member

The Downtown Minyan is the center of Jewish life for young people in New York committed to creating an uplifting, outward-looking, spiritual community. Membership at the Downtown Minyan is an investment in this new, exciting way of practicing Judaism and includes a wide array of outstanding religious, educational, and social activities. No matter your background, this is where you belong. 

No one will ever be denied membership due to lack of funds. If none of the pricing options work for you, please pledge an amount of your choice. Everyone is welcome to lunch and other free programming, regardless of membership status.

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