The Downtown Minyan is a vibrant, warm, innovative and growing Jewish community intent on cultivating purpose-driven Jewish living for millennials in the 21st century. We aspire to bridge the gap between our lives and Jewish values by combining deep rootedness in our tradition with unleashed spiritual imagination.

The Downtown Minyan was born in 2016 when a group of us got together and asked the following question: What could Jewish living look like if we had no institutional constraints, were committed to Jewish tradition as the source of moral wisdom, and if we embraced the creativity and vibrancy of our fast-paced urban lives?

Our Minyan represents the dreams that come true when young Jews are empowered and  inspired to reshape our Jewish communities.


As a values-centered community, we are driven to be spiritually uplifting, intellectually engaging, and outward looking. We welcome everyone and aim to engage in Jewish collective experiences and learning that are both sophisticated and accessible. We follow traditional Halakha, Jewish law,  and espouse values of inclusivity, respect, and an egalitarian aesthetic.